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ATP Science

ATP Science Slice N Dice

If you'’re on the market for a new strong thermogenic formula, then you are in luck with ATP Science Slice n Dice. Combining the best ingredients that science and research has on offer to provide you with everything you need to accompany you on your fat loss journey. Now not only is it the highest quality ingredients but it is also all optimally dosed so you can rest assured knowing this product will enhance your work outs and get you ready to sweat! 

The team at ATP Science have used a potent thermogenic formula containing that of English walnut, bitter orange, ZumXR & Gynostemma with the added inclusion of 320mg of sustained release caffeine per serve! But even with all these great high quality ingredients, the taste of this product coming in 3 delicious varieties, is absolutely mouth-watering even without the addition of any artificial colours or flavours!

Key Ingredients:

Caffeine Anhydrous is the key ingredient in most pre-workout formulas as it provides a boost of energy and enhances focus. Caffeine is easily absorbed by the body and acts fast to get you ready for your session in no time at all. ATP Science Slice n Dice yield a whopping 320mg of caffeine.

English Walnut is a stimulant that acts on the central nervous system to increase energy and mental alertness. This ingredient has also been shown to decrease appetite and have a positive effect on dopamine levels giving you a euphoric like effect.


  • Potent thermogenic formula
  • Aids in appetite suppression
  • Providing you with a huge sustained release in energy
  • Contains no artificial colours or flavours.

Directions of Use:

Add 1 scoop (9g) of ATP Science Slice n Dice into 1L of cold water, shake up, and enjoy when you need a huge release in energy and potent thermogenic ingredients to get you through your cardio, training or get you ready to take on the day! It is also recommend to store your powder in the fridge or freezer to avoid any clumping. Try ATP Science Slice n Dice from Power Supps on AfterPay today!

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