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ATP Science

ATP Science Aurum Oil

ATP Science’s Aurum Oil has been carefully designed to offer a natural and 100% vegan-friendly source of omegas to restore and rebalance your internal health and minimise your risk of falling deficient and becoming susceptible to disease. Combining the potent benefits of essential fatty acids, conditionally-essential fatty acids, non-essential fatty acids, essential oils, and ATP Science’s Patented innovation that helps to protect, preserve and enhance the bio-efficacy of how and where they function in the body, Aurum Oil is your one-stop solution to maintain the healthy balance of the dietary oils your body requires to function its best.

From cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, insulin resistance and brain cognition and processing issues to mood and behavioural problems, visual disorders, and chronic inflammation and immune dysfunction, it’s no secret that a deficiency or an imbalance in dietary oils pose a range of serious potential risks to our health, both functionally and structurally. ATP Science Aurum Oil is formulated using a range of dietary oils that contain essential fatty acids and essential oils, providing a broad spectrum of Omegas 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11 for optimal functionality.

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