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Demo Day is a premium carbohydrate powder created with only the highest quality of both high and low glycemic carbs. Designed to add the competitive edge to your training program, creator Seth Feroce used patented ingredients to push carbohydrates into your muscles during your workout leaving you with a skin stretching pump and energy to work harder and longer! Demo is for anyone who is looking for more sustained energy levels or have a rounder and fuller look to your muscles. It will also help to maintain your pump throughout your workout and can be used pre, intra or even post workout depending on your goals and needs! Pairing Demo Day with GDA+ will give you greatest synergistic result in lean muscle mass

To increase pump, endurance and energy Axe & Sledge Demo Day can be added to either Ignition Switch or Hydraulic Pre Workouts prior to training or even to The Grind amino acid intra workout to also severely improve recovery!

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