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Axe & Sledge Dozer

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Sleep for the hard worker, Dozer by Axe and Sledge is a comprehensive sleep formula that is bound to impress.

Dozer is the signature sleep formula from Seth Feroce's Axe & Sledge range, a company known for delivery super high quality, reliable supplements.

Dozer really is no exception to this as well, with a well-rounded ingredient panel, containing ingredients such as 5-HTP, GABA, Chamomile and L-Tyrosine. It's easy to see why this sleep aid has made such a big impact on the industry.

Supplementing with Dozer by Axe and Sledge may help increase the quality of sleep, promote a reduction in anxiety, and balance our hormones. As well as all of the benefits of better sleep quality too, such as greater recovery, fat loss, muscle growth etc.

Coming in just the one flavour, Honey Lemon Tea, Dozer is sure to impress the supplement users out there who are looking for a reliable sleep supplement.

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