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Axe & Sledge

Axe & Sledge Elbow Grease

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Elbow Grease by Axe & Sledge is a complete repair and joint formula containing scientifically validated ingredients helping with optimal joint health allowing you to perform your absolute best!

Elbow Grease contains Vitamin C which helps to prevent damage from free radicals, Zinc to assist with repairing tissue, cell production and growth, Vitamin D3 known to help strengthen the bones and prevent osteoporosis, Magnaese which helps to increase bone density and strength. Glucosamine HCL is naturally found in your body; it helps to support cartilage growth and joint repair. Chondroitin Sulfate is part of the connective tissues in cartilage and bone; it helps to reduce pain and inflammation. Biocell Type II Collagen helps to promote joint health by supporting cartilage and lubricating the joint, allowing for a smooth movement.

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