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Axe & Sledge

Axe & Sledge The Grind

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Axe & Sledge The Grind Is a full spectrum amino acid (BCAA & EAA) + hydration formula. Created by IFBB pro bodybuilder Seth Feroce. The Grind’s full essential amino acid and branched chain amino acid matrix will help you recover and stay hydrated through the toughest and most intense training session! Perfect for refuelling your body post cardio or training. Using only the highest quality ingredients with the amazing flavour profiles will have you recovering faster than ever before while also enjoying the taste everytime! Axe & Sledge The Grind will leave your muscles feeling round, full & hydrated all day long!

With a full blend of all 9 essential amino acids, The Grind will not just help prevent muscle catabolism (muscle breakdown) but will also build muscle! As for the ingredients to help with hydration, Axe and Sledge Supplements has packed The Grind with a gram of coconut water and a handful of electrolytes.

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