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Muscle Nation Marine Collagen

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Marine Collagen is a supplement that is designed to support the bodies naturally depleting supply of Collagen. What is Collagen you ask? Collagen is an important protein that makes up the majority of the skin and ligaments, and also a major building block for bone, muscles, and tendons. While naturally produced by the body, as we age collagen production decreases, affecting skin elasticity and hair fullness. By supplementing the body’s naturally produced collagen with Muscle Nations Marine Collagen it can help Strengthen weak and brittle nails, improve the skin making it look and feel clearer and smoother and helping to give hair added volume and shine.

Marine Collagen by Muscle Nation is an all-natural pure hydrolysed marine collagen. Free from gluten, wheat, soy, dairy, lactose, sugar, preservatives or flavours, this pure marine collagen is highly bioavailable, making it easy for the body to absorb and process. Marine Collagen has been crafted to have no smell or taste, making it ideal to mix into any drink or food.

Using a bioavailable form of collagen, Muscle Nation managed to create a product that is not only effective but is Free of Sugars, Dairy, Gluten, Wheat, and Soy. It is also 100% Natural, and NON-GMO and only 10 calories per serve making it a suitable fit in almost any dietary plan.

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