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Iconic Series KFPre Pre Workout

Welcome to the Iconic Series KFPre Pre Workout. A pre workout that not only touches on a bit of Aussie icon but delivers an immaculate taste emulating that of Mountain Dew and Solo. An extremely well dosed and stimulant heavy formula that will ensure you have a belter of a workout.

What is the Iconic Series?

The iconic series will contain products that have a limited number of units available. This is done to create a sense of authenticity and uniqueness to the product and not just flooded onto the market like everything else!

What is KFPre Pre Workout?

KFPre Pre workout gives you all of Colonels secret recipes to giving you the best workouts youve experienced alongside some mouth watering tastes bringing you back to punching back a mountain dew after inhaling your ultimate box. This pre will definitely give you one massive stimulant kick, incredible focus and all the tingles helping you smash some new PBs.

This product is definitely not one for the faint hearted. Boasting a very impressive stimulant matrix, you might even say this is one for the pre workout connoisseur. Featuring a very generous amount of caffeine and a household favourite English Walnut Extract, you can be sure this will rank very highly in the top pre workout list!

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