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X50 Revolver Coffee Sachets

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Whoever said nothing beats a morning cuppa, obviously hasn’t tried X50 Revolver MCT Coffee. Wake up awesome with this unique blend of ingredients, to naturally fuel your brain and body for your busy day ahead. X50 Revolver MCT Coffee will change your mornings forever and you will never look at instant coffee the same again. Get your hit of caffeine, MCT oils and hydrolysed collagen in one cup with this complete coffee formula.

Boost your physical energy and mental performance in one easy step. Mix one serving with hot water and enjoy. X50 Revolver MXT Coffee has very low sugar and sodium content, with natural flavourings.  No more greasy MCT oil at the top of your coffee; X50 Revolver MCT Coffee mixes smoothly with no oily residue. Available in original flavour, or with a hazelnut mocha twist.  Perfect for time poor coffee lovers, or the sophisticated coffee connoisseur.

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