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Faction Labs Deficit Clinical

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This formula isn’t just another gaming power-up. Whether you’re building a winning streak on the Xbox, setting new standards on the treadmill, or taking a last-minute plunge into an arduous essay for your studies, Faction Labs Disorder Clinical can provide the fuel. This formula can incite crisp energy, support metabolic function, improve mood, minimise cravings and help you shed excess water. 

With a manual of game-changing ingredients to support your performance, challenge yourself and encourage a positive step towards your weight goals, Faction Labs Disorder Clinical can help you tick the box on your personal objectives. With caffeine to stimulate performance, Gymnema Sylvestre to fight sugar cravings, Acetyl L-Carnitine to support metabolism, and saffron to promote mood and weight management, this formula is perfect for anybody looking to take a step towards their weight goals.


Make the results count. Curb the cravings and take a step towards your body goals with Faction Labs Disorder Clinical.

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