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Switch Nutrition Estro Switch V2

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Estro Switch (AUSTL 420370) is designed to support your bodies healthy hormone balance. Using ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbs and a combination of essential nutrients Estro Switch may help:

• Support healthy menstrual cycle.

• Relieve menstrual cycle irregularities.

• Reduce menstruation pain.

• Support female reproductive system health. 

• Reduce symptoms of menopause. 

• Decrease spontaneous sweating. 

• Maintain collagen formation. 

• Maintain bone health. 

• Support natural liver detoxification. 

• Helps support healthy blood sugar balance.

• Support healthy thyroid function. 

• Support general health and wellbeing. 

• Reduce free radicals ford in the body. 

• Maintain healthy immune function. 

• Support healthy stress response.

Establishing hormone balance is important for mental and physical health. Some symptoms of hormonal imbalance may be… weight gain, digestive issues and bloating, irritability & moodiness, depression & anxiousness, sugar cravings, poor quality sleep, fluid retention & cellulite, headaches, hair loss or hair thinning, fatigue & tiredness, under active thyroid, cold hands and feet, lowered sex drive, cramping and acne plus more. 

Estro Switch brings back your natural balance and supports healthy reproductive and thyroid hormones to provide you with an improved level of general health and wellbeing. Estro Switch also helps with liver detoxification, relieves abdominal pain, improves skin health and balances blood sugar levels.  Happy, Healthy Hormones Await. 

If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional. This product contains 60 mcg of selenium (4 caps) and adults shouldn’t exceed more than 150 mcg of selenium from supplements daily. 

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