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Merica Labz

Merica Labs F'Bomb Pre Workout

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What do you do when merely annihilating the competition isn’t enough? You deliver a biblical ass kicking – the kind that forces future scholars to question whether its fact, fiction or the stuff of legends - then pee on all their stuff to demonstrate your dominance. You build a weapon capable of wiping life off the face of the earth while also flipping everyone off with a middle finger big enough to see from space.

F Bomb is like that, except its pre-workout with enough stimulants to make your grandmother yell F#$@ in a crowded church. If the original Red, White & BOOM was the U.S. military pre-WWII and A Bomb is atomic warfare, F Bomb is the Death Star on steroids. It’s time to get pissed ‘Merica. It’s time for war.

You only need to look at the artwork on the packaging to know that ‘Merica Labz mean business. ‘Merica Labz F Bomb is an extreme-stim pre-workout that contains 400mg of Caffeine Anhydrous to annihilate your morning coffee. Beta-Alanine is delivered in a plentiful dose to help enhance your performance capacity while reducing fatigue.

Nitrosigine helps to boost Nitric Oxide, while L-Tyrosine works alongside Caffeine to boost your alertness, focus and function. This powerful and confident pre-workout can keep up with the level you train and help you reach new levels and milestones. With a blueprint of AlphaGPC, FitNox, Dicaffeine Malate, CognatiQ, Theobromine and more, F Bomb can help you light a new fuse when you train.

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