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Obsidian Ammonia

Obsidian Ammonia Nose Bleach Smelling Salts


*** Warning - Nose Bleach is for EXPERIENCED users only and is very high strength. This product is NOT recommended for first-timers. For beginners, or those with more sensitive requirements, we recommend Obsidian Ammonia Hype Dust instead ***

Take your big lifts to the NEXT LEVEL! Each bottle of Nose Bleach™ is manufactured with ACS-grade Ammonium Hydroxide (NH4OH) that is captured within a super-absorbent polymer to help prevent spills and maximize the life of your bottle while providing hit after ludicrous hit of that sweet spicy air.

What is Ammonia? Historically, smelling salts were used on people who were feeling faint or had fainted.  Smelling salts are frequently used to restore consciousness and mental alertness in athletes (especially boxers) who have been disoriented or knocked unconscious. Smelling salts are currently prohibited in most boxing matches, yet they are not dangerous.

How do they work? Smelling salts emit ammonia (NH3) gas, which stimulates an inhalation reflex (a quicker contraction of the muscles that govern breathing) by irritating the mucous membranes of the nose and lungs.

Excessive parasympathetic and vagal activity can cause fainting by slowing the heart and decreasing brain perfusion. To counteract these vagal parasympathetic actions and hence reverse the faint, the sympathetic irritant effect is used.

Get ready to smash your sessions and stimulate yourself to the extreme thanks to Nose Bleach by Obsidian, this potent blend is guaranteed to send your next session with extreme potency, try it today from Supplement Mart!

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