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Phyba Super Browns

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You might not have put much thought into the colour of your greens powder, it’s called ‘greens’ right? So that’s what it should look like. But have you considered what you’re missing out on by excluding any other colour from the equation? How much of a nutritional benefit do you actually get from spirulina anyway?

Well, we’d like to introduce you to Super Browns™ The ultimate whole body micronutrient booster and the next evolution of greens powders. This formula has such an array of colours and compounds we can’t list them all here! From herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, barks, flowers, mineral pitch, and diatomaceous earth (that’s right! Nutrient dense fulvic minerals mined exclusively for your health!) for a true colour of health.

Available in Raspberry Lemonade and Wild Berry flavours, this product includes powerful ingredients such as; Ashwagandha, Cranberry, Maca Root, Dang Shen, Schisandra Berry, Green Tea, Ginseng, Astragalus, Atractylodes, Noni Juice, Rosehip, Rosella, Fenoprolic™, Organic Pine Bark, as well as our own Prebiotic Polyphenol Blend, and Earth Mineral Blends.

Super Browns is designed to provide you with a comprehensive source of nutrition for overall health and wellbeing. You know there’s no substitute for good quality ingredients and so do we, and that’s why we haven’t limited ourselves to just one colour of healthy ingredients and believe after you’ve given it a try, neither will you.

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